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Spring is on the way, and that means it’s the perfect opportunity to get your home ready for the months to come. Here are our top tips to get you started:


  • Winter can take a real toll on a home’s exterior. Wood, stucco and other types of siding should be checked for cracks, peeling or chipped paint, and general wear and tear. Have damaged areas repaired and repainted as needed for lasting protection.


  • Clean gutters and downspouts of any debris that may have collected over the winter. Check for any loose connections and adjust if needed.


  • Check patios and walkways for cracks and any loose bricks or pavers. These are a tripping hazard that needs to be corrected promptly.


  • If window screens were removed for the winter, make sure they’re cleaned up and in good condition before reinstalling them.


  • Walk around the property and check for damaged tree limbs and branches. If a large tree appears to be damaged, be safe and call a professional to address any issues.


  • Inspect raised planter beds to make sure they’re in good shape. Before it’s time to plant, mix in some compost and fresh garden soil to help your flowers and vegetables thrive.


  • Inspect the irrigation system for broken sprinkler heads and emitters. Also, check for overspray and have the system adjusted to prevent water waste.


  • Have a swimming pool? As soon as the weather allows, have it inspected and cleaned so you don’t have to wait for service later in the season.


Happy spring to everyone 


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